Presentation Training

Executive Presentation Training

A highly personalized communication training program for the executive who presents to large or small groups, shareholders, customers or internal stakeholders. It will strengthen the ability to build compelling presentations and deliver them with dynamic flair. Executives will learn the importance of authenticity, while using the tools that give them confidence and control in any speaking environment. Sessions can be designed well in advance of a speaking opportunity, with a focus on improving overall presentation skills, or just ahead of a presentation that has already been written – with a focus on rehearsing, drilling and improving what already exists. Digital video is used extensively as a learning tool, leaving executives with a lasting view of their strengths, and to demonstrate improvement over time.

Recommended for:

  • Top-tier executives
  • Sales leaders
  • Employees who speak frequently to external audiences or customers

Class size: A 1:1 environment is optimal. No more than two executives per session

Small Group Presentation Training

This session is designed to give each group member increased confidence and control in any speaking environment, whether internal or external. Body language, vocal control, eye contact and organization of thought are at the center of this program. Each participant will have the opportunity to present to the group, and receive plenty of in-the-moment coaching. Through the use of digital video, the participants will see their own areas for improvement, and receive supportive peer-coaching.

Recommended for:

  • Peer-level executives
  • Sales teams
  • Trade show/convention employees

Class size: 4-6 people per session

Large Group Presentation Training

Ideal for a convention break-out session or a company/team retreat. This session focuses on the essentials of effective presentation. That includes the visual, vocal and verbal aspects of great presentations, and how to apply them in real-world situations. This is a highly interactive program that incorporates peer-to-peer learning and in-the-moment coaching.

Recommended for:

  • Team-building
  • Company retreats
  • Trade show staff

Class size: Unlimited

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